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Beaver Jukebox
These are Free Samples for visitors. Some songs are incomplete.
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Full Songs
Song Name
It's the Busy Beaver Theme Song! This is a simple introduction to the material and a fun song to sing!
This is just a simple fun little song for kids to get warmed up singing with. Have fun and enjoy!
It's music - It's supposed to be fun!
This introduces over 50 easy nouns helping students build a vocabulary. It also introduces phonics.
This song is so easy anyone around the world can sing it! The video is fun too!
This simple 2 minute song introduces 6 types of weather. It's easy and catchy.
Teaches a lot of great vocabulary - moods - "Today I'm hungry" "Today I'm thirsty" etc. Plus the days of the week. It's also a simple chant with and echo so it's easy!
This song teaches the names of the Busy Beaver characters. This will help student put the prefix Mr. on males and Mrs. on females.
This companion piece to The Apple is Red teaches colors that often are overlooked and less practiced - Black, White, Brown, Pink and Purple. Great video too! 
Introduces the questions "Where is he/she?" and "What is he/she doing?" plus teaches the rooms in the home.
Billy and Betty love ice cream all year around. This great video teaches the days of the week and the months of the year. Careful! It'll make you hungry.
This song introduces the prepositions in, on, under, in front of, beside, next to and between. It's catchy and great for conversation practice.
Following the same melody and question / answer style of The House Song - this song teaches even more verbs and places in the neighborhood.
Clips (Incomplete Songs)
This very easy song teaches 8 different moods or states of being - Happy, Sad, Hot, Cold, Hungry, Thirsty, Angry and Okay.
There are only 4 words - Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. The concepts and the objects introduced will come up time and again later. It's a great starting point.
This companion piece to Numbers 1 to 10 helps build familiarity through repetition. Watch out! It's also very catchy!
This companion piece to The Paint is Pink teaches 6 common color names and how to make the phrase - "" when describing it's color.
Introduces simple questions "What's this?" and "What color is it?" Students will learn basic conversational sentence structure - and 10 color names!
Introduces the phrases "Do you like...?" "Yes, I like..." and "No, I don't like..." The pictures are fun and colorful and children learn the names of some common foods.
Teaches the basic concept of "to have". This song is great for getting students into the habit of saying "Yes, I have a..." or "No, I don't have a..."
Using the familiar melody and "echo" from the How are You? Song and The Food Song - this song incorporates the days of the week and the weather.
This song teaches the season names - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. It also teaches some common verbs and makes a great model for conversation lessons.
Besides teaching A LOT of vocabulary this song has some fun phrases thrown in as well. It introduces "What are you wearing?" in a playful, catchy way.
There are so many words to this song - it could be a month's worth of lessons. The main concept is to teach "I can" and "I can't" in order to build conversations.
This companion piece to The Seasons Song builds on the phrase "What do you like to..." It's always fun to talk about food. This song is another conversation builder.