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Beaver Arcade
These FREE GAMES are for all visitors. Turn the Volume up on your computer.
Shoot the Grump
This Game Teaches
Devonator Food Challenge
This Game Teaches

This very simple game teaches the color names. The object is to shoot water balloons onto "The Grump's" nose.

"The Devonator" has to catch the healthy food in his basket. This game is great for learning the names of foods.
Letter Match A - R
This Game Teaches
Letter Match 1 - Z
This Game Teaches
This simple memory game introduces the letters in the Alphabet from A - R. This is a great way for beginners to start to recognize letters.  
This is part 2 of the previous game. This game presents the second half of the alphabet - the letters I - Z.
Object Match 1
This Game Teaches
Object Match 2
This Game Teaches
This memory game introduces the objects from The Alphabet Song. This is game 1 so it deals with objects beginning with the letters A - I.  
This is game two of the "Object Match" series. This game teaches the objects from The Alphabet Song beginning with the letters J - R.
Object Match 3
This Game Teaches
ABC Drag and Drop
This Game Teaches
This is game 3 of the "Object Match" series. It teaches the objects from The Alphabet Song beginning with the letters S - Z.  
This is a fun "Drag and Drop" game for beginners. Do your students know what the letters look like? You can time them - fastest student wins!
In the Bedroom
This Game Teaches
In the Bathroom
This Game Teaches
Busy Beavers Book 1 teaches the objects and rooms in the home. These games are great practice to learn the new vocabulary.  
This continues to teach the objects in the house. This time - the bathroom.
In the Living Room
This Game Teaches

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Many of these objects students may already know from The Color Song. That's okay, they are some of the most common words in the English language.